Creation Rules

Standard build, with 2 free dots in the background AGE. Found here:

This means with the 15 freebies from creation, +55 from Age 2, plus up to 6 points in flaws, you can theoretically have 76 freebie points to build with.

A few notes:

0. You may have a max trait rating of 6, which would allow for a Generation background making you 7th Generation.

1. Any clan will do, with a few exceptions. You cannot be: Assamite, Gargoyle things, Kiyasid, Cappodocians/Harbingers of Skull, Serpents of the Light, or anything else I think is fucking stupid as hell. Oh, no “True Brujah” and Temporis crap either.

2. If you take flaws, it is NOT necessary to balance them with advantages. However! If you have flaws, I will enforce them. If you take a 3 point Terror: Night, you will be clutching your fluffy bunny slippers and whimpering in the corner during game play. Thats what a terror is. I will use them, and liberally.

3. Likewise, if you take a background and do not flesh it out somewhat, I will. I’ll try not to fuck up your concept, but I will do it my way. Meaning, if you take Mentor 3, and don’t tell me who it is, I will tell YOU who it is. I will make the Mentor for you. You may not like him/her. You may not change him/her. You may not retcon it, either. I am not looking for War&Peace about who it is, but some general infos are necessary.

4. Likewise, I expect to see a point expenditure for anything you have in game play. Meaning, no 20 damage recoiless rifles unless you have it somewhere on your sheet. I also expect a logical choice selection…dont tell me you have a 40 man army with guns and body armor if you have resources 1 and no herd or other appropriate background.

5. No Werewolf companions. ABSOLUTELY NO MAGE COMPANIONS.

6. Please consult me on anything that seems a bit TOO broken/silly. As GM, I have final say. I will work with you, and usually err on the side of player/character awesomeness, but I won’t have any unbalanced kind of thing either if I can avoid it.

7. We will use the following rules: Guns do X damage, listed in their profile. That is a static number, there is no rolling…likewise, if a sword does STR+2, and your STR is 4, your sword does 6 damage. When someone, anyone, yourself included, rolls STA+FORT to soak, you are trying to soak at least 6 damage. Extra damage will apply for superior hits, to the tune of 1 damage for every 2 extra successes. meaning, you need 1 success to hit something (willpower means auto hit). The roll determines how many extra hits you do…say you roll DEX+MELEE and get 7 successes. 1 success is the hit…6 extra means +3 damage…the above 6 damage sword now does 9 and they need to soak 9 damage. (hint, Fortitude is your friend here!)

8. Initiative will be your WITS+Alertness traits added, plus a die roll. Meaning, if you have 3 WITS and 3 Alertness, you have a 6, plus die roll. If you roll a 4, your initiative is 10. Highest goes first. Lowest announces first.

9. Everyone gets 1 action on the first pass, then celerity actions also in order, until no more actions are left.

10. Any questions, please let me know.

11. Resources will be handled thusly:

Please read that and ask me any questions you might have.

12. I get final say. If you need help or ideas or info, please dont hesitate to ask.

Creation Rules

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