Marius Praestes

Owner of Gemini Security International, a multinational private security company that's recently opened a new American headquarters in Los Angeles.


Current rumor is that Marius is an ancient Brujah (possibly one of the fabled “True Brujah”) who has been active for thousands of years. Those who’ve met him, however believe him to possibly be a Toreador given his appearance of utter physical perfection and symmetry to an unsettling degree and his enjoyment of viewing the art of body modification.

Marius was Embraced around 330 BC while the Brujah ruled Carthage. He became Rab-Salasy (third General) of the city’s main guard/police. in 149 BC, the Ventrue, Malkavian and other clans manipulated Rome into invading Carthage. During the last days of the battle in 146 BC, Marius fell and was staked defending a cache of Relics and fell into torpor. The catacombs that he was in collapsed, burying him beneath the ruins of the city.

In 1843, archaeologists after were finally allowed to excavate sections of the ancient city, they accidentally discovered the chamber, unstaked him and when an injured member of the expedition bled on him, he was revived enough to feed and escape.

While wandering around Europe, he ran into a Nosferatu named Cortes. Cortes educated him in the modern era and helped him to establish Gemini Securities, a private security and secured courier service. Over the years it has evolved into Gemini Securities International, a multi-national company with offices in Spain, England, Russia, Italy, and China. The legitimate face of the company hides a much darker revenue stream. GSI, through shell companies, is involved in underground BDSM Clubs, Body Modification Studios, drugs, and gambling across the world and offers Mercenary and tactical services to anyone willing to pay money, be they Camarillo, Sabbat, Human, or other.

He has recently come to LA to open the US Headquarters of GSI. They currently occupy the top 20 floors of the U.S. Bank Tower at 633 West Fifth Street Los Angeles, California. The whole area is tightly secured and secretly armoured against attack. The top floor is Marius’ private penthouse and several floors below that are offices, boardrooms, and the like. It also contains several floors for research and development, barracks, and training/equipment storage.

Marius Praestes

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