Jack Vermilion

Modern-day Cowboy


Jack Vermilion
Bon Vivant/Gallant
7th Gen

Str 2 Dex 3 Stam 3
Cha 3 Man 3 App 4
Per 2 Int 2 Wits 2

Acting 2 Alertness 4 brawl 1 Dodge 5 Empathy 3 Intimidation 2 Streetwise 1 Subterfuge 3
Firearms 5 Melee 3 Survival 3
Finance 3 Law 1 Linguistics 1

Auspex 1 Celerity 3 Presence 4
Age 2 Generation 6 Influence 1 Resources 5 Allies 2

Conscience 1 Self-control 4 Courage 5
Humanity 5 Willpower 9

Prey Exclusion Children
Short Fuse


Once known as “Texas” Jack Vermilion, Jack is now a fixture of the scene in LA. He hangs out at all the right places with the prettiest people. He likes living in a town where looks can get you places and money will make the difference when looks are not enough. He is luck to have both. He started life as a real-life cowboy and was expert shootist in his time. He maintains his skill with guns as he still thinks of himself as a cowboy. In this time of stress and strain, he strives to maintain the lifestyle to which he has become accustom and works hard to keep that status-quo from being disrupted.


Look! You can see me on the YouTube found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF8r3DhudHM

Towards the end of the clip, I’m the handsome fellow with flowing locks.


Jack Vermilion

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