Two and a half years have gone by since the upheaval of Patrone’s War. Instead of calm and quiet, surviving the night has become more and more difficult, as if the influence peddled by the powerful and ancient Toreador upset some sort of precarious balance.

The new heir apparent, Cortes of Clan Nosferatu tolerates little deviance from his Master’s will. Aided by the notorious and increasingly deranged Scourge, a Malkavian known as Ray, interfering in Hollywood business both mortal and Kindred has become a balancing act upon a razor’s edge. Those who operate in LA had better keep their business in line, or face destruction….either physical or financial.

This sudden and surprising amount of interference from on high has the independent minded Kindred of California angry and suspicious, and the disquiet has grown steadily. Territorial fights have grown exponentially, and as Vampires from across the area choose sides, the situation appeared to be headed for a cliff.

Until that is, 2 months ago. El Patron’s juggernaut of financial, political and physical influence dropped almost to nothing. The reclusive Elder has rarely been seen, prompting rumors of all kinds. About the only thing the Toreador seems to care about are two mortal institutions…a small music academy and the History/Anthropology department at Berkeley.

In the sudden quiet, opportunity seems to exist. Opportunity not just for the expected players, but others as well. A darkness creeps in the night, across many domains and territories. The serial murderer known only as the Kamikaze Killer has terrorized LA for over a year, claiming 15 known victims and drawing the attention of mortal law enforcement. Some opportunistic Kindred are taking El Patron’s diversion with Humanity as a portent to start their own designs and schemes, some merely to increase their own power, but others with the intent to harm El Patron.

Which are you? Whom do you support, if any? Can you swim among the sharks, a predator among the prey, or are you fated to be the meal of someone more hungry? When the mighty ancients weaken and show mortality the anarchy inherent in California demands the vacuum be filled and blood shed.

Will it seep into the ground, or will you drink its power for yourself?

V:tM LA 2012

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